Smart pulse survey

Andhra Pradesh Smart Pulse Survey is a massive survey of all households, aimed to capture the required socio-economic data directly in digital form, with online validations. The field surveyors can enter the data by accessing the relevant portal through a connected tablet so that the data validations happen online and the scope for mistakes is minimized and the consolidation and analysis of data can be completed within 2 weeks of the completion of field survey.

The objectives of the proposed Smart Pulse Survey are summarized below:

  •  Completing the seeding of Aadhaar in the databases of identified developmental
  •  Ensuring the correctness of the data already seeded with Aadhaar;
  •  Ensuring that the demographic data of any person is identical in the SRDH
  •  Eliminating duplicate records;
  •  Deleting the records of persons who have expired;
  •  Creating a self-consistent set of records in the form of AP State Socio-Economic and Welfare departments; database and the departmental database; Database (AP SEDB).

The basic purpose of the Policy is to create the People Hub as a Single Source of Truth. This can’t be achieved unless all the relevant databases mentioned earlier are made to converge and interoperate seamlessly, within a short period of time to ensure synchronization of the various datasets.